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Switch Cisco SG200-26

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26-port Gigabit Smart Switch.

Modelo descontinuado por Cisco. Reemplazo sugerido por fábrica SG220-26-K9-NA o SG250-26-K9-NA.

✔ 24 puertos 10/100/1000 no PoE.
✔ 2 mini GBIC combinados.
✔ Link a la hoja de datos PDF en español* a pie de página.

Cisco Small Business 200 Series Smart Switches combine powerful network performance with reliability to help you build a basic business network. Affordable and easy to use, these entry-level web-managed switches deliver the essential network features you need.

Enjoy speedy file transfers, keep vital business applications available, and help your employees respond faster to customers and each other.

Available in a variety of port sizes and speeds, Cisco Small Business 200 Series Smart Switches offer:

  • Feature-rich capabilities: Get a business-class network with such features as quality of service, security, Power over Ethernet, and IPv6 support
  • An eco-friendly solution: Optimize power usage for efficiency without compromising performance
  • Easy setup and management: Intuitive browser-based tools simplify setup and configuration
  • Peace of mind: All switches come with a limited lifetime warranty and include one year of technical support and free software fixes for the term of the warranty


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