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UTM Meraki MX60W-HW

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Cisco / Meraki MX60W-HW, 100% Cloud Managed Networking and Security (Small Branch)

✔ Administración centralizada (Dashboard) desde la nube de Meraki.
✔ Soporte 7x24 incluido.
✔ Acualizaciones automáticas.
✔ Garantía de por vida.

En IPeXpress destacamos:
✔ Recomendado para pequeñas empresas o sucursales (10 a 20 Usuarios)
✔ Stateful firewall throughput: 100 Mbps
✔ Advanced security throughput: 20 Mbps
✔ Maximum site-to-site VPN sessions: 20
✔ Maximum VLANs: 4
✔ Application-level (L7) traffic analysis and shaping
✔ Site-to-site (IPsec) VPN
✔ Stateful firewall, 1:1 NAT, DMZ
✔ Multiple WAN IP, PPPoE, NAT and DHCP
✔ User and device quarantine
✔ Web based management and configuration
✔ Throughput, connectivity monitoring and alerts
✔ Network asset discovery and user identification
✔ Built-in network-wide reporting, monitoring and alerts
✔ Centralized policy management
✔ Real-time diagnostic and troubleshooting over the web
✔ Automatic firmware upgrades and security patches
✔ Searchable network-wide event logs
✔ WAN interfaces: 1 × 1000 Base-T Ethernet
✔ LAN interfaces: 4 × 1000 Base-T Ethernet
✔ USB interfaces: 1 × USB 2.0
✔ 802.11b/g/n or 802.11a/n radio
✔ 3x3 MIMO with 3 spatial streams
✔ Unified management of network security and wireless
✔ Integrated enterprise security and guest access
✔ Next generation application-level (L7) firewall (*)
✔ Content Filtering (*)
✔ Anti-Virus (*)
✔ Anti-Phishing (*)
*Requieren licencia Meraki Advanced Security

Requiere una de las siguientes licencias:
LIC-MX60-ENT-1YR, Meraki MX60 Enterprise License, 1 Year
LIC-MX60-ENT-3YR, Meraki MX60 Enterprise License, 3 Year
LIC-MX60-SEC-1YR, Meraki MX60 Advanced Security License, 1 Year
LIC-MX60-SEC-3YR, Meraki MX60 Advanced Security License, 3 Year

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